Welcome to my website!

I am Ona Casao and in this website you will find my work, a school project where our school is participating during the school year 2021-2022. Our Erasmus+ partner schools are from Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain Visit school website here Pompeu Fabra de Martorell.

This website is part of a project named "Touching the past to reach the future" with referent number 2019-1-TR01-KA229-074244-1.

Some of the project objectives are:

  1. To learn how to create a website about videogames for an Erasmus + project for my school: Institut Pompeu Fabra using Javascript and ml5.js
  2. To learn how to build a mobile App using MIT App Inventor for this project
  3. To create original videogames based on traditions
  4. To learn python by creating basic games using Mu editor and Pygame zero library
  5. To create sulfur dioxide graphs from La Palma volcano using Matplotlib library in python mode